We are all aware of “how good WordPress is” and the majority of people know about this but there are other website builders too which aid us to make a proper website like Wix. Recently, one must have seen advertisements for Wix so, we decided to do a proper comparison to make sure which one is the best.


Why WordPress is better than Wix Website



Cost is a crucial factor when it comes to developing an eCommerce website. And both WordPress and Wix have different expenses when it comes to developing a website.

Let’s see what Wix costings are:-

Wix:- Wix offers a basic website builder for free but there are two drawbacks in it that are:-

  • It will add a Wix Advertisement on the top and bottom of the site.
  • You can’t use your custom domain name

To remove those ads and add additional features to a Wix based site we have to upgrade it to a premium plan they offer. There are different plans and every plan cost differently according to the bandwidth and different storage they provide.

The best value plans on Wix is the Unlimited plan ($12.50 / month), and if you want an eCommerce store, then you need the eCommerce plan ($16.50 / month).

WordPress:- WordPress is an open-source and anyone can use it for free. Well, to use WordPress one have to buy a domain name and web hosting. We can start a basic plan at just $2.75 per month in WordPress from hosting provider like Bluehost with a free custom domain name.

The cost of a WordPress site will increase if we will opt to use premium themes and plugins but there are thousands of themes and plugins which are free in cost which will reduce our expenses. We can add any plugin in our WordPress site without upgrading the plan.

Conclusion:- WordPress is better in this section than Wix because WordPress comes with different plans and WordPress costs us according to the resources we use.


Ease of use

Both of the website builders use drag and drop and users don’t have to learn code to build a website using any of the WordPress or Wix.

Wix:- Wix is very easy and simple to use. It comes with some really handy tools which ask for minimal efforts to design a website. You can edit your website by simply dragging and dropping any of the elements from the website using the WYSIWYG interface.

We can drag and drop any element from any of the corners of the website, write content and add media in this user-friendly environment.

WordPress:- WordPress comes with a theme customizer that allows us to edit the properties of our theme in a WYSIWYG environment. And it comes with a visual editor to write content. But WordPress does not come with an inbuilt drag and drop feature. To fully understand the editing part in WordPress, users have to get the knowledge of customizer, navigation menus, visual post editor, etc.

Conclusion:- Wix wins this section easily because beginners don’t have to learn anything like customizer, visual post editor, etc to start building a website.


Design and Layout Options

Design plays an important role to bring and hold traffic on any site. Everyone wants to have an attractive and user-friendly design for their website.

Wix:- Wix comes up with more than 500 design templates and one can rearrange and customize the elements of it using built-in tools. All Wix design is fully responsive and written in HTML5.

Wix has categorized the design templates so that the user can easily find their desired template. They have categorized like:-

  • Business
  • eCommerce
  • Hobbies
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Personal etc

But there is a very big disadvantage of it that once the template is selected it can’t be changed into other. All we can do is customize and modify the same template.

WordPress:- WordPress provides 1,000 free themes. Free themes come with limited support while paid themes offer more features and generally support premium support options.

WordPress themes are available from small range personal sites to the eCommerce sites. In addition, WordPress provides free plugins that add extra features to our theme. WordPress themes come with built-in customization options of their own.

Conclusion:- WordPress has a bigger range of themes than Wix and one can switch their themes anytime in WordPress without any restriction, unlike Wix.


Plugins and Apps

Plugins and Apps add additional features to our website. They are simply the third-party extension that we can use on our platform to add more features.

In the Wix environment, they are said apps and in the WordPress environment, they are called plugins.

Wix:- There are around 200+ apps on Wix that we can add to our site. These provide a wide range of features like adding a gallery, contact forms and so on.

Most apps are free or have a lite version. Other apps are paid and payments need to be done monthly.

WordPress:- There are more than 55,000 plugins available on WordPress site itself which are free to use. Not only those plugins but there are other platforms too which provide paid plugins for the WordPress site. The thing is if you want to add any feature on your website then there is a high probability that you can find a plugin for it.

Conclusion:- WordPress without any doubt beats Wix as the numbers of plugin that WordPress is furnishing to the user are incomparable to that of Wix.


Better for Blogging

There is a lot of youth who want to start a blogging website to share their views and ideas. Both the website builder WordPress and Wix can be used to start a blogging website. Let’s take a look which is better suited for blogging.

Wix:- Wix let us add a blog section to our website. It has all the fundamental blogging features of blogging like categories and tags, archives, etc. But it has some drawbacks which are mentioned below:-

  • No native commenting system, it uses Facebook comments which are not portable.
  • It does not have features like backdating posts, creating private post etc.
  • It uses plain text format which is limited in terms of formatting options.

WordPress:- WordPress started as a blogging website and now it has been developed into a full-grown website builder. It has all the features of a blogging site unlike Wix

Furthermore, we can add plugins to increase its features and extend our blog.

Conclusion:- WordPress beats Wix in this section too. Having all the features which Wix lacks clearly makes WordPress superior in the blogging website than Wix.


eCommerce comparison

Selling things online has become a new trend in this modern era and is another thing which beginners look while choosing a website builder.

Let’s check which one is better in this section;-

Wix:- Wix offers an eCommerce website with only the paid plans, it means one who is using a free plan has to upgrade to paid plans to start an eCommerce website. With the WixStore, you can only accept payments via Paypal and Authorize.net.

There are third party apps too which can help you sell things online but it will be more costly to pay its monthly fees.

WordPress:- WordPress helps us to open an online store as easily as we want using WooCommerce, which powers 42% of all eCommerce websites in the world. It has plenty of plugins too which will give you an extra hand while running an eCommerce website.

Conclusion:- WordPress is very much better than Wix if we want to build a strong website with flexible features and different payment way.


Data Portability

Data portability means transferring the contents from one platform to another. Let’s see how WordPress and Wix do data portability.

Wix:- It comes with very limited alternatives to transfer the data. We can only transfer the contents in XML format and we have to manually download the pages, images, videos, etc.

Wix Documentation states that “All the contents are hosted on Wix Server and cannot be exported elsewhere”. It increases the difficulty to transfer the contents.

WordPress:- WordPress comes with a very easy one-click export of our content in XML format. We can also create backups, download our media files and can even transfer the WordPress Database. It makes it very easy to transfer our content to a new platform in case if we are not satisfied with it.

Conclusion:- In this case, one would not like to take risks in this and will obviously go for WordPress to take no risk in case of dissatisfaction.


Now, checking all of the above points, it is quite clear that WordPress is way better than Wix. In almost all the aspects. WordPress is way better than Wix.

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